Shipping internationally? Estimate your import duties!

Shipping internationally? Estimate your import duties!

We want something, we buy it. Online. Immediately.

These days, an online order is placed in a few clicks. You add it to the shopping cart, pay and before you know, the manufacturer at the other side of the world starts preparing your order.  The speed and convenience of shopping online and worldwide, we easily forget that importing goods comes along with a few administrative formalities. If the package gets selected and checked by authorities, additional costs such as import duties might be charged.

Even though we love to surprise you with a package, we definitely want to save you from this rather unpleasant surprise. That’s why we love to share a few tips for your next online order!

Import duties? Say what?!

Customs authorities can charge you import duties when ordering something outside the European Union. Every package passes a few checkpoints and can be charged with several extra costs.

  • Import duties
    European taxes are calculated on the value of the imported goods. The rate of charge applies to all countries of the EU and is defined in the European TARIC database.

    • Is the value of the shipment lower than €150? In that case, no import duties will be charged.
    • Is the value of the shipment higher than €22, but lower than €150? In that case, VAT will be charged.
    • It’s important to always keep in mind that you don’t have to pay any taxes or extra costs if the value of the shipment is lower than €22.
  • VAT
    Value Added Taxes are calculated on the value of the shipment and, if applicable, the charged import duties.

No more unpleasant surprises thanks to this tool

Estimate extra costs thanks to the import calculator. This tool predicts import duties, duty taxes, customs clearance fees or other related costs and is frequently used for orders from international web shops. The estimation is made based on the same formula used by customs authorities and is, for this reason, a good indication of the total amount of extra costs. Warning! This tool gives an estimation. The actual amount can vary.

Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Import goods from Australia, China or Morocco? The tool is borderless, just like we are, and allows you to calculate the added costs for every country. The currency exchange rate value can be changed at will.

Here you go, let’s continue shopping with piece of mind! Have fun!

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