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When shipping you need to bear in mind that there are some standard DHL prohibited  and restricted commodities & some destination country specific restrictions.

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DHL is committed to delivering your shipments with speed and care. Shipments are handled frequently as they pass through many facilities across the world. In order to make sure your shipments arrive in the best possible condition, here are packaging tips and helpful advice on preparing your shipment.

Note: When you choose to drop-off your parcel at a DHL Service Point you will receive a free DHL BOX.

  • Under-filled boxes may collapse, use cushioning materials to avoid loose contents
  • Always use high quality wrapping and cushioning/filler materials
  • Overloaded boxes may burst
  • Do not exceed the weight specification of the shipment packaging
  • Avoid using damaged packaging materials
  • Always remove old labels and stickers when reusing boxes
  • Repack any gifts, as decorative wrapping is not suitable for shipping
  • Fragile items should be well cushioned from all sides
  • Protect data and media discs/tapes with cushioning or protective bags
  • Protect edges and sharp points with heavy, well-secured edge protection
  • Use heavy-duty double-layered cardboard for valuable items
  • “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” stickers are no substitute for careful packaging
  • Keep your packages dry while awaiting a courier pickup
  • Provide Shipper and Receiver addresses clearly and completely on labels and stickers
  • An extra address label placed inside the package is a good precaution
  • All packages must be sealed, but remember that they can be opened by Customs authorities for inspection

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Once your shipment has been collected, you can track its status 24 hours a day online.

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