Shipping insurance: nothing but benefits

Shipping insurance

Whether you’re shipping a parcel nationally or abroad, the contents can be of great material or emotional value to for you. If the case is as such, it goes without saying that you want to play it as safe as possible. That’s where shipping insurance comes in. In this articles we discuss all the benefits and how-tos of insuring parcels.

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How shipping insurance works

DHL offers shipping insurance that covers the actual value of your parcel in case it gets damaged or lost. All you have to do to insure a parcel is fill out the insurance section on the front of the consignment note and make sure to write down the insured value. You can also submit a shipping insurance request via DHL’s automated systems.

Limited shipment insurance is an option

Evidently, DHL Express also offers standard liability, limited to the value of the transported goods (up to $25/kg in case of air transport and $12/kg in case of road transport). In addition, we offer our customers financial protection against loss of or damage to shipments due to external causes. Parcels are covered from the point DHL Express receives the shipment until the point of delivery.

This additional Shipment Insurance covers goods in transit worldwide, although temporary restrictions may apply.

The following restrictions always apply:

  • delays
  • ordinary leakage
  • loss in weight or volume, or wear and tear of the shipment
  • loss, damage or expense caused by insufficient or unsuitable packing or preparation of the shipment
  • loss, damage or expense caused by inherent vice or nature of the shipment
  • loss, damage or expense attributable to willful misconduct of the customer or its agents
  • loss, damage or expense caused by delay
  • loss, damage or expense arising from the use of any atomic or nuclear weapons or radioactivity