Safely sending a parcel abroad: here’s how

sending parcel abroad

Sending a parcel abroad for the first time is rather exciting. How long will the shipping take? Will the parcel arrive safe and sound? You are obviously counting on the courier service to take excellent care of your precious package. Our top tips for successfully sending parcels? Read them here.

Is your parcel properly packaged?

Needless to say, no one likes to receive damaged goods. Know that there are several things that you can do to make sure your parcel arrives in one piece. A parcel that is safely and properly packaged, for instance, goes a long way towards avoiding risks. It’s important to pick a box or an envelope the exact size of your shipment. Packages that are too large can suffer dents, while overstuffed boxes are prone to ripping. Don’t forget to choose packaging material that fits the contents of your parcel as well. Cardboard envelopes are ideally suited for lightweight documents, while bubble envelopes are the best option for sending CDs or keys.

Do you want to make absolutely sure that your parcel is safely wrapped? DHL Express offers a service that includes packaging! Take your shipment up to 20 kilos to one of our Service Points and have your documents or goods packaged in a proper box right away.

Track your parcel anytime, anywhere

Shipping a parcel off to a faraway destination is not always self-evident. Choose a courier service with worldwide coverage to make sure your package reaches even the most remote destination.

DHL Express’ various tracking options allow you to check the status of your express shipment anytime and anywhere in real-time, so you know where your parcel is at any given moment, where it’s headed next, and when it will arrive at its destination. Thanks to DHL eTrack you can trace up to ten express shipments at a time. All you need is a computer or a smartphone. With DHL ExpressSMS you can even track the status of your shipment without internet access.

Get informed before sending your parcel abroad

International shipments involve a considerable amount of paperwork. Are the customs documents in order? Are you aware of the charges and taxes for international shipments? Are you about to send dangerous goods? Get informed beforehand or have one of DHL Express’ customs experts help you out. This will ensure the safe arrival of your parcel, whatever its destination.