Nobody home? Don’t worry about your delivery!

Are you about to leave on holiday, or perhaps already enjoying some well-deserved time off? Your absence has a few practical consequences: there’s nobody home to water the plants, to keep an eye on things, to get the mail out or – even worse – to receive those important packages you’ve been expecting. This doesn’t have to be an issue, though. A few simple tips for package delivery during the holiday season.

Try to come up with alternate destination

Don’t make things hard on yourself. Why not send your parcel to a close friend, a neighbour or a family member? Even your workplace will do. Give your employer a heads up, and that’s that. Or what about having your parcel shipped to the nearest DHL pick-up point at your holiday destination?

Tip: have you forgotten all about this precaution? No stress, even when you parcel is already on its way, it’s not too late to change its course.

Request a signature

Most of the time, you don’t have to sign for receipt. But if you’re shipping or ordering high-value items, it’s best to require a signature for your package to be released. This will prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Did you know you can also ask for a telephone confirmation of delivery?

Postpone your delivery

Perhaps the best option is to have the parcel delivered on your own time. Stall the delivery a couple of days or weeks, so your package will arrive the day you return, for instance. Such a vacation hold allows you to pick a delivery time and date that works best for you.