Handle with care: how to send a fragile package?

sending a parcel

Sending a parcel requires care and preparation. Selecting the right package and shipping method, carefully wrapping your parcel, … it’s all part of the process. Wondering if it’s possible to send fragile packages without breaking them? As long as you take the necessary precautions, it sure is! Discover how best to send your fragile package.

Which material do you prefer?

Make sure to use high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes for all your parcels. If you’re shipping fragile items, you’re better off with double or even triple wall boxes. Though going green is a great idea, reusing old boxes isn’t, because they’ve probably gone soft. How do you know if a box is strong enough to hold your precious contents?

  • Check the box’s specifications to make sure it’s suitable for the weight you’re planning on sending. If you decide to ship through DHL Service Point, you don’t even have to worry about your packaging: the service includes a solid DHL box!

How to pack efficiently?

Try to pack the box as tight as you can. A lot of space left over? Go for a smaller-size packaging, because boxes that aren’t filled to the max can collapse. Yet too much isn’t okay either: overstuffed boxes are likely to burst. Avoid unpleasant surprises by picking a size that’s just right. A few pointers:

  • Fill any empty spaces in your packages with foam peanuts, for instance.
  • If you want to put more than one item in a box, pack each item separately and use partitions.

Meet the H-taping method

Last but not least, we advise you to use the H-taping method to seal your package:

  • Apply tape evenly along the length of the box, where the flaps meet in the middle.
  • Seal the sides of the cardboard box with tape.