Some points to consider when signing for packages

Signing for packages

Many people see signing for packages as an annoying inconvenience. After all, there are times when it’s difficult to stay at home waiting, even when you urgently need your shipment. Don’t worry. If a delivery cannot go ahead, DHL will contact you to suggest several handy delivery options, so that the next delivery by our courier will be successful. What about On-Demand Delivery (ODD)?

Alternative date

When you know that you will not be at home to receive your shipment, you can ask us to arrange the delivery on another working day, within 7 days. If we do not hear from you, we will make another attempt to deliver. Anyone who places an order through an online store that works with DHL will even usually receive a link with the various delivery options. Now that’s handy!

Tip: we can also deliver your shipment to your neighbours once you have confirmed this to us (signature release). This is an option within On-Demand Delivery that is agreed with the sender. Your neighbours will then be able to sign for packages on your behalf. There are no extra charges for this.

New delivery

If we missed you during our first delivery, we can make a second attempt to deliver your shipment to the address provided by the sender on the waybill. We will do this on the next working day, depending on when we receive your feedback. Similarly, there are no extra charges for this.

Other options

What happens if you are still unable to receive the package in one of these ways? Then you can always arrange for it to be delivered to a local DHL Service Point and collect your package when it is most convenient for you. In this option, you also sign for the package. Most DHL Service Points are also open on Saturdays and in the evening so you are not tied to office hours.