Shipping a heavy parcel? Don’t let practicalities weigh you down!

shipping heavy parcel

If you’re looking to ship a large or heavy parcel, you can’t simply hand it to the postman and be done with it. Here’s how you should take care of such shipments instead: get in touch with an express courier with domestic and international services who can take care of parcels of all weights and sizes. Yet there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re sending an extra heavy parcel.

Shipping a large parcel? Proper packaging does the trick!

A strong cardboard box is indispensable for any shipment, but extra heavy shipments obviously call for extra sturdy packaging materials. Our recommendations:

  • If your parcel weighs 10 kilograms or more, you should use a double wall or triple wall cardboard box to protect your goods. Look for the manufacturer stamp that contains information about the construction type and strength of your box.
  • Shipments of more than 30 kilograms require made-to-measure packaging. Your courier service can provide you with all the information you need.
  • Always put your goods in the centre of your package so they don’t touch the sides (if they do, the box may burst during transit).
  • Fill up any empty spaces with extra cushioning material.
  • Carefully seal the packaging using pressure-sensitive tape. The H-taping method guarantees the best result: apply 1 strip of tape along the centre seam, and 2 strips across both edge seams.
  • Keep the weight and size restrictions in mind for your type of shipment (international or domestic, express or standard shipping, …) and make sure to palletise heavier shipments.

Heavy and large parcel delivery

Most mail and courier services have established weight and size limits for parcels and boxes. Yet DHL Express is more than willing to go the extra mile, offering made-to-measure solutions for each shipment, no matter how large or heavy it is.