Sending a parcel to the USA? Here are some things to take into account

Pakket versturen USA

The United States is home to 300 million people. Perhaps there are friends or family members of yours among them? To understand the strength of the connection between Europe and the USA just look at the sheer number of parcels and letters going back and forth between them. Here is what you should know about sending a parcel to the USA!

Parcel shipping

There are some things you can never, ever send in the mail, while others – like alcoholic beverages, tobacco or foodstuffs – are subject to the regulations of the destination country. And the United States is quite strict in this sense. Shipping alcohol, tobacco or drugs into the US is prohibited. Food and drinks are so-called FDA-regulated products, which means they must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Perhaps surprisingly, lithium batteries are also subject to specific shipping laws.

If you want to send a parcel from Belgium to the United States, you can use the regular mail service – that is, if you are prepared to adhere to strict size and weight restrictions and if you are the patient type. After all, it can take two to ten work days for your parcel to reach its destination. That’s fine if you’re not in a hurry, but you should probably consider other options if you’re looking to close a business deal or if you want to send someone a last-minute gift.

Express delivery to the USA …

If you want to move fast, DHL Express is the way to go. If necessary, we make sure your parcel reaches the other side of the ocean the same day it was sent (!). Our Sameday Jetline service guarantees that your emergency shipment boards the next possible flight, so it arrives in the US in no time. Or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

Thanks to DHL Express 10:30 or DHL Express 12:00, your shipment arrives the next possible business day before 10:30 AM or 12:00 AM respectively.

… or should your parcel arrive on a specific date?

Do you want your parcel to reach its destination on a specific date, for instance on someone’s birthday or right after a successful business collaboration? Then our other express services are just the thing for you. If you use DHL Express Worldwide, our couriers ensure your time-sensitive international parcel gets delivered the next working day, no matter the destination country.