In a hurry? Send your personal and business parcels online

send parcels

Time is precious, so of course you don’t want to waste it on administrative burdens such as sending parcels. But rest assured, DHL Express enables you to easily take care of your shipments online. It is quick, efficient and trouble-free, from the initial request all the way to delivery.

Convenience is key

Above everything else, managing your shipments online should be simple. With DHL Express you don’t have to spend what may seem like ages figuring out how everything works, as our procedures are self-explanatory. Thanks to the DHL Online Shipping solution, managing your entire shipping process is a breeze: you can print labels, schedule courier pickups, store addresses, track your shipments, … and much more! This user-friendly online shipping service saves you precious time and takes excellent care of all your parcels, so you have nothing to worry about.

No paper work

Leaving the coordination of your shipments to an online app immediately frees you from piles of paper work. That’s a winner for both your employees and your customers. After all, this way of working not only drastically improves the efficiency but also the quality of your service. Delays caused by illegible handwriting are a thing of the past, to name just one advantage. And in case something does go wrong or whenever a client wants to check their shipping history, DHL is always there to help. When you send a parcel via DHL Online Shipping, you can automatically retrieve your shipping history up to 90 days. It’s the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Sending parcels: no need for an account

Pressed for time? Don’t feel like creating an account? Then you’re in for a treat: DHL Express allows you to pay online without an account, via your credit card, debit card or PayPal. In other words, there’s no need to go through an entire procedure to create the umpteenth online subscription. Booking your shipment takes less than a minute. Quick and simple, the way it should be.

Eager to send your parcel today? Get it sorted straight away!