Sending your luggage to your holiday destination? Why not!

sending luggage holiday

The Brussels Airport bombings on 22 March were not only an emotional, but also a logistical nightmare. In the weeks following the disaster, it could take hours just to get your luggage past customs. Though perfectly understandable, these lengthy procedures left passengers stressed and pressed for time. Fortunately, you can easily sidestep this hassle. For instance, it’s perfectly possible to arrange a separate trip for your luggage. There’s no need to worry about your luggage anymore: simply send it ahead to your holiday destination!

Send your suitcase on a holiday

Lugging our luggage through the airport is the thing we all hate most about traveling. This can easily become a thing of the past, though! Just send your luggage off ahead of your departure, so it will be ready and waiting for you by the time you arrive at your holiday destination. Goodbye stress, so long back pain! Now that’s what we call traveling in comfort.

Nothing to worry about

Rest assured: there’s no way your luggage will get lost. You can even track its location anytime and anywhere. And that’s not the only service we offer. Here’s what else DHL can do for you:

  • door-to-door delivery
  • pick-up, customs formalities for import and export, whether you’re leaving or coming home
  • a specialised customer service to answer all your questions or solve your problems
  • tracking and tracing of all shipments
  • worldwide delivery, whenever and wherever you need it

Preparation is the key to successful shipping

Trusting your luggage to DHL is a treat. For starters, we offer several options for check-in. Either you ask a courier to pick up your suitcase at home or at work, or you drop it off yourself at one of our eight professionally staffed service centres. Make sure to read our guidelines and shipping restrictions, and don’t lock your suitcase, so the courier or our service centre staff can do a security check if necessary.

Pack and ship your bags well in advance, so you don’t arrive at your destination days before your luggage catches up with you. Moreover, make sure to check the customs rules and regulations of both your home and your destination country.

One last tip for the road: double, no, triple check your destination address. Inform the hotel staff that your suitcase is on its way and ask them to hold on to it until you arrive.