It’s never too late to send gifts to your family abroad!

sending gift to family abroad

A quick glance at the birthday calendar and you realise it’s your cousin’s birthday in two days’ time… You break out in cold sweat, because she lives abroad and it’s too late to send her a birthday present. Or isn’t it? Not if you rely on DHL Express! Relax: sending gifts to family abroad has never been easier!

Friends or family abroad?

In today’s globalised world, a lot of people have friends and family in the most exotic places. Do you have immigrant roots and does your family still live abroad? Did your beloved aunt move abroad for work or, who knows, love? Or are you simply blessed with a cosmopolitan circle of friends, who call Kenya, Cuba or Singapore their home?

No matter how far apart, your friends and family will always remain important to you. Out of sight, but not out of mind! To maintain a close relationship, it’s important to get in touch every once in a while. And what better way to let them know you’re thinking of them than to send them a unique and personal gift?

Tip: nothing beats a present that you can only buy here. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of Belgian and European specialties!

DHL Express makes things easy for you

If you want to surprise that special someone with a gift packaging, DHL Express is there to help you out. Thanks to our international express delivery service, you can have your present delivered wherever and whenever you want.

1. Shipping to remote locations

When it comes to worldwide coverage, there’s simply no match for DHL’s service. Name your place and our couriers will do whatever it takes to get your parcel there.

2. Customs clearance support, importing and exporting services

DHL has your back. We offer extensive support services to help you out with all the practical, technical and legal issues that come with international shipments, like import, export and customs. Don’t let customs paper work, taxes and commercial invoices get to you!

3. Express delivery

Best friend’s birthday slipped your mind? Don’t panic! DHL guarantees a 24h delivery to most destinations.