Is e-commerce finally gaining ground in Belgium?

e-commerce in Belgium

While the Netherlands were quick to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon, electronic commerce has been slower to take off in Belgium. Having lagged behind for many years, we finally seem to have gotten the hang of it, though: Belgium is currently ranking ninth in the list of most promising countries in terms of e-commerce. Let’s take a closer look at these promising results.

Potential for growth

A.T. Kearny’s yearly Global Retail E-Commerce Index rates 30 countries both in terms of their potential for growth and their attractiveness for e-commerce. In 2015, Belgium succeeded in climbing no less than 15 places, ending up ninth in the list. Our country saw the biggest increase, closely followed by Denmark. A.T. Kearny’s prestigious index is topped by big players such as the US, China, the UK, Japan and Germany, so Belgium’s huge leap forward is a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Is Belgian e-commerce catching up?

It took us a few years, but now we finally seem to be catching up on the e-commerce boom. Belgian e-commerce grew no less than 14.3 percent in 2014, outperforming most neighbouring countries. A few possible explanations for this impressive increase:

  • Belgian legislation on night work has become more lenient, dramatically increasing our competitiveness. Shipping parcels at night is now allowed (as it has been for quite some time in the Netherlands), making it possible to guarantee that prized 24h delivery.
  • Most Belgians have access to the internet nowadays, and half them shop online.

That being said, Belgians are still keeping a tight hold on their (digital) wallets compared to neighbouring countries. Yet things are likely to change, as A.T. Kearny predicts a 25 percent growth by 2020, especially for clothing, food and electronics.

Swift and reliable shipping

E-commerce relies heavily on shipping services which should not only be safe and hassle-free, but also swift. Using an experienced courier can be a big help to increase your company’s market share.

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