Import duties: how much are you charged and why?

import duties

Do you want to send a parcel to a non-EU country? Then it will have to go through Customs first. Some shipments are immediately cleared, while others are subject to further inquiry. In some cases you will have to pay import duties for shipping personal goods. This decision is up to the Customs authorities. When sending a parcel to any location within the EU, you are exempt from paying import taxes. Once your shipment crosses EU borders, however, it becomes a bit trickier than that. Here’s an overview of what to expect.

Import duties? Customs decides

Customs manage and safeguard goods as they enter and leave a country. Customs procedures start in the country of origin and end in the country of destination. Non-EU shipping in particular involves quite the amount of red tape, which obviously has to be financed in some way. This is where Customs charges come in.

Good to know: a few local exceptions aside, door-to-door transportation costs are included in a standard Customs clearance.

Which goods are (not) allowed?

Are you free to ship whatever you want? Depending on local laws and regulations, import and export of certain goods is subject to restrictions or even prohibited. It’s up to the Customs authorities to make sure all shipments comply with local laws.

Why do you pay extra? Every local Customs authority has the right to determine its own import and export taxes, depending on the kind of shipment that is processed. Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between sending and receiving shipments.

Leave the paperwork to DHL Express

Processing millions of Customs declarations is no mean feat. But for DHL Express, which acts as an intermediary between Customs and clients, it’s business as usual. We’re your personalized Customs expert! We offer local services to our customers worldwide and pride ourselves on being the world’s largest Customs broker.

After a thorough check, we transfer your shipment information to the Customs authorities. They help us expedite the clearance so that we can deliver your goods quickly and efficiently.

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