Why DHL Express Breakbulk offers added value for industry

DHL Express Breakbulk

DHL Express Breakbulk offers door-to-door consignments that are consolidated in their country of origin and transported from one customs zone to another as a single entity. DHL then deconsolidates the consignments in the destination country for delivery to various addresses within the same country or within the same customs union.

For which industries is DHL Express Breakbulk essential?

The consolidated consignment is cleared as a single consignment on arrival at the destination terminal. Clearly, large consignments are involved here where consolidating the consignment offers considerable price advantages. These door-to-door consignments prove their added value in various sectors, including the following:

  • Automotive
  • High-tech
  • Technology and manufacture
  • Consumer products and services

How does it work in practice?

Various consignments with the same contents are combined in the country of origin under one waybill to create a single consolidated shipment. This consolidated shipment is transported to the destination country and cleared as a single entry using one commercial invoice. The invoice contains a detailed description of the contents of each individual shipment. The consolidated shipment is then separated into individual shipments on arrival at the destination which are then delivered on time and in good condition to their final destination.

No storage costs

Since the shipments are separated by DHL before being immediately delivered to each receiver, you as a client do not need to invest in temporary storage. This not only means that you gain time, but you make considerable savings too.

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