5 essential tips for online stores

online store

Do you make unique scarves or attractive things for interiors? Or are you thinking bigger and want to sell goods from various suppliers? Whichever type of online store you have in mind, you cannot miss these basic tips.

1. Name and logo

Your first task is to choose a name, a logo and more generally, a brand identity. Naturally, this does not just pop out of nowhere. You have to link your identity to the range offered in your online store and to your intended target audience. Ask yourself the following: What makes my store unique? Take that point, your unique selling point, and use it to build your identity. Here is an example. If you come across ‘makemybike.com’ you know immediately what this online store is offering.

2. Without software you do not have an online store

Fortunately, you do not have to create an online store all on your own. There are numerous software packages available which enable you to quickly start building your own website. For instance, WordPress and Drupal are very accessible platforms for creating a website or blog. Magento, SEOshop and Drupal Commerce on the other hand can be used to create a virtual shop with as many products as you like. Of course you can also rely on support from DHL Express to help you to see the wood for the trees.

3. E-commerce tracking

You should also make sure that you know about the activity on your site and what people are looking for. That is why you should activate Google Analytics tracking for your online store or get a marketing professional to do this for you, so that you understand the surfing and purchasing behaviour of your visitors. Analytics software can tell you things such as how many people visit your website, what they are looking for and the pages they visit repeatedly.

4. Online marketing

Naturally, you do not advertise your online store in a parish newsletter, but on the largest marketing platform in the world – the internet. Advertising on sites such as Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram is essential if you want to build an online presence and want to make your online store a resounding success. By sharing new products or blog posts on social media, you can easily reach hundreds and thousands of consumers, without having to pay anything.

5. Carefree shipment

A good shipment process is just as important for your online store=>link zie NL. This means that you will need to have a sufficient number of strong packages in various sizes and also add branding to your packages that stands out (for example, logo stickers, printed packaging, etc.). When you are starting out, you will still be able to send the packages individually, but over time, you will need to work with an experienced express delivery service. This kind of partnership will enable you as a new player to considerably boost your market position. DHL Express has extensive experience with e-commerce and will be only too pleased to help you make your project a success.