Green solutions for your shipments

green solutions for shipments

Are you sending a package? Whether you are an individual or acting on behalf of a company, sooner or later you will discover how simple it is to send something using a parcel delivery service. However, perhaps you are concerned about your ecological footprint or the sustainability of your company? This is something that we understand perfectly, but fortunately we can also put your mind at rest. There are also green solutions for sending packages. Several options in brief.

DHL goes green

Whether it’s optimised transport routes, alternative vehicles or energy-efficient warehouses. There are many ways to limit climate damaging CO2 emissions and other environmental effects when transporting and storing goods. Together with our clients, we want to make use of these possibilities. At DHL, we call this GOGREEN. We believe that environmental protection and business success not only go together, they are closely interlinked.

Green solutions: GOGREEN Carbon Neutral

Choosing GOGREEN Carbon Neutral means taking the environment into account when you send your express shipments. DHL offers an all-in service for clients that want to compensate the CO2 emission of their shipments with concrete measures for protecting the environment. This service calculates the CO2 emissions of each shipment for you and compensates for these by investing in environmentally friendly projects. You will receive a certificate for this every year from an independent auditor.

Carbon Footprint report

In order to make your business processes greener, you naturally need to know about your current ecological footprint. That is why DHL offers comprehensive and accurate reports on the environmental cost of shipments:

  • The Carbon Footprint report is a detailed overview of the CO2 emissions of your shipments.
  • The Carbon Estimate report is a high-level estimate of the CO2 emissions.