Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn, three ambitious businessmen from San Francisco, founded DHL in 1969.

They initially started by transporting customs documents by air. As a result, the time taken for customs to process freight shipments was dramatically reduced. The first flights tended to be between San Francisco and Honolulu but the network was later expanded to all corners of the globe. Since 2013, DHL has been the market-leader with respect to international express deliveries and logistics.


DHL Express Belgium

Our network

DHL Express has been operating in Belgium since 1978. We are active in more than 220 countries and territory. Within our worldwide network, DHL Express delivers on time at the right address. DHL Express understands that your shipment is far more than just a parcel. Our logistics processes connect your company with your customer. No matter what you send, we know that your shipment can make all the difference. Just as you promised your customer!

DHL invests in new hub at Brussels Airport

We are currently investing over EUR 114 million to build a new, state of the art HUB distribution center in Brussels by mid 2017. This will allow Belgian companies to increase their export volume and deliver packages abroad even more quickly and reliably.

The Brussels Hub will triple capacity from 12,000 to 39,500 shipments per hour thanks to the modernization of the sorting technologies used, allowing DHL to respond to expected further growth in international express shipments.

DHL close to you

Our service centers across the country provide you with an excellent service next door. Our newly designed customer experience rooms in Liège and Diegem aim to intuitively guide our customers through the process of sending out or collecting their package.

DHL Top Employer 2017

All of our staff are trained via a worldwide training program to become Certified International Specialists. DHL has created a culture which prioritizes hard work, passion and pride and which focuses entirely on the customer. By following multiple different modules, the level of expertise on international express transport is expanded. As a result, we can provide the very best service for you and support your international business requirements.

DHL Express Belgium received the Top Employer certification Belgium 2017, Top Employer Europe 2017 and Global 2017. This certification is only awarded to companies that achieve the highest standards of excellence in terms of employee conditions. DHL Express is honored to be part of the companies that received this certification.

DHL chooses Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we choose to treat our staff, the environment, the social responsibilities and capital that are entrusted to us with respect and in a sustainable manner.
We focus on four strategic areas of involvement – GoGreen, GoHelp, GoTeach and Volunteering – in order to live up to our responsibilities. In this way we offer solutions that contribute
towards sustainable and positive changes in the world, such as the use of bicycle couriers, cleaner airplanes, electrical vehicle and vehicle driving on Compressed Natural Gas (24% of our fleet in Belgium).

DHL staff are happy to help!

With all of our experience in international express shipments, DHL Express offers you the very best support for sending and receiving parcels and documents. Our staff are happy to help!