Watch out for phishing!


As a frequent internet user, you may have already received a message with our logo and which appears, on the surface, to have originated from DHL.

In most cases the communications involve the online sale of consumer goods where a payment is required before the delivery of the goods. Please be aware that DHL does not require payment in this manner. DHL only recovers the official shipping charges of DHL. Should you receive such email, do not open it. Delete it immediately and do not react. Remain vigilant to possible fraudulent e-mails using our DHL brand.

DHL accepts no responsibility for any costs, charges or payments made which were improperly incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.

The DHL name has been used in a series of fraudulent email scams, commonly referred to as “Phishing.” Another example is an email which suggests DHL is attempting to deliver a package and asks the recipient to open the email attachment in order to arrange the delivery. These emails are not authorized by DHL – their authors are only using the DHL name in their message to grab the user’s attention and lend apparent legitimacy to the emails.

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