Removal Of De Minimis – Turkey

DHL Express - Service Alert Turkey

Turkish Customs Update

Please note that Turkish customs has published a new legislation to remove de minimis of 22 €. This legislation will take effect 30th of May 2019.

What will change?

  • Customs exemption for shipments with a value lower than 22 € will be removed.
  • Books or similar printed publications for personal use not exceeding 150 € per shipment, will be considered as exempted.

In addition, individual shipments with a value between 150 € and 1.500 € must be subject to customs although duty has been reduced to zero.

Consequences of this new legislation

For shipments on behalf of INDIVIDUALS:

  • Shipments with a value lower than 22 € will be subject to tax.
  • Shipments for private individuals may not exceed a value higher than 1500 € and a maximum weight of 30 kg.
  • DHL will clear the shipments and duties will be paid in advance.

For shipments on behalf of COMPANIES:

  • For companies (legal entities) it is expected that the formal customs clearance process will be followed up. Consequently, there will be duty & tax, customs service’s fees like brokerage and bonded warehouse fees etc, if applicable. Broker clearance will be required for commercial shipments even if the value is below 22 €.

Shipments which are sent to companies, and where the reason for export is declared on the waybill and the invoice as ‘SAMPLE PURPOSES’ may have an exemption according to the inspection of Customs authorities.

Please make sure to advise your customers to pay attention that following information is stated on the waybill and invoice:

  • The acceptable/detailed content (please see attached list for acceptable content).
  • The HS code (harmonized customs commodity code) with a minimum of 8 digits.
  • Consignee tax number needs to contain 10 digits  (for companies ) and identification number should contain 11 digits (for individuals).
  • If the content is a sample (not for resale purposes) to companies in Turkey;  ‘SAMPLE PURPOSES’ should be stated on the invoice and waybill.
  • The statement of ‘SAMPLE PURPOSE’ is also mandatory for biological samples (UN3373).

If you have questions concerning this topic, don’t hesitate to contact your DHL Express commercial delegate or contact our customer service.