Sudan and Cuba are now subject to the resolutions imposed by the UN.

In compliance to the UN resolutions, DHL Express will not ship UN sanctioned and/or prohibited goods to Sudan and Cuba.

Of course, DHL Express remains committed to all your non-prohibited shipping requirements to and from Sudan and Cuba. We do, however, follow a strict security procedure for these shipments:

  •  For each and every shipment going to Sudan and Cuba, the shipper will need to sign a ‘Sanctions Warranty and Indemnity Letter’. Click here to download the document : Sanctions Warranty and Indemnity Letter .
  • This letter needs to be handed over to the DHL courier at the time of the pickup. Please be aware that if this document does not accompany your shipment, it may be blocked or delayed.

Should you have further questions, please contact our customer service at 02 715 50 50.