Your easy online connection to the world

Danny Van Himste

Making sure our customers have a great experience does not only mean providing excellent customer service and on time international delivery. At DHL Express we aim to add value every way we can. This is why we chose to continuously invest in our online presence.

We are very pleased with our latest new responsive website A website that is more intuitive than anything we had before. Getting a quote and selecting your preferred service online, whether you are a business or a private person, takes user-friendliness to the next level.

Choose whether you want to drop off your package at one of our service centers, make your online booking yourself or get in touch with one of our customer service advisors. Our newly designed website will take you through this process on an easy step-by-step base.

Active in Belgium for over 38 years, international express shipping is our core business, and everybody within DHL has been trained to to be an international specialist that can and will always assist you.

Danny Van Himste, Managing Director DHL Express Belgium