DHL Express officially opened today, 29 June 2017, its 225th DHL Express Service Point in the departure hall of Brussels Airport.

Thanks to this new Service Point DHL Express offers together with the airport, a solution for  passengers to ship their goods and documents in a fast and reliable way. Every day there are passengers who wish to send parcels or envelopes to their country of destination or elsewhere. Valuable goods, items that are not allowed on the plane and much more, everything is possible.

Together with the staff from Brussels Airport goods are being checked whether they can be shipped in the DHL Express network. Customers can send with our solid packaging parcels up to 20 kg and have immediately clarity about the price. In most cases, these shipments will be delivered the next working day by DHL in the country of destination.

Without any worries on holiday? It is possible thanks to Brussels Airport and DHL Express.