Let’s ride … our bicycles!

smarter to antwerp

Ring, ring, our bicycle boys and girls are coming! All in yellow, for a greener and traffic jam-free Antwerp. Yes, nowadays we have to be aware of the environment and all its threats. So we, as DHL Express, don’t want to get left behind. With a new project called “A Smarter way to Antwerp”, we strive for a more sustainable world by enabling our bicycle boys.

A smarter way to Antwerp

Together with six other transport companies, DHL Express participates in a project to reduce traffic congestion in and around Antwerp. So, what are the rules of the game? Every company has submitted a concept. A professional jury (consisting of members from the Antwerp Management School, the Flemish Institution for Logistics, Traffic Company Rotterdam and ITS.be), chose 7 projects that can be executed.

I want to ride my bicycle

And off course, we were not selected by accident. DHL Express wants to reduce the amount of vehicles driving through the city each day. The solution? Bicycle boys and girls. Little packages and envelopes will be carried around by our couriers, by bike. By adapting our longest rides into similar small rides, we are able to deliver all packages just in time to customer’s front door. The couriers will depart at two strategically located points in Antwerp. Additionally we will place a central pick-up and delivery point, several service points and a locker system.

The 7 projects all together, are able to reduce the daily amount of vehicles in Antwerp by 1000 pieces. Becuase honestly? No one likes to drive several hours a day.


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