Shipping to special locations: DHL delivers virtually anywhere

pakjes bezorgen

Chances are the name DHL immediately brings to mind the yellow-red vans we use for door-to-door deliveries. Yet we do so much more than shipping and handing over packages. Did you know we even rely on camels, drones and joggers  to make sure your parcels reach their destination? After all, some locations present us with quite a challenge. In this article, we zoom in on five very special examples. Shipping to the moon; why not?

DHL even delivers … to the moon

Sending a parcel to the moon: sounds like a sci-fi scenario, right? Yet DHL is hard at work to make this possible in the near future. We teamed up with the American aerospace company Astrobotic to start using NASA rockets to get our special MoonBoxes to the moon. Shooting personal memorabilia off into space? It will be possible as of 2019 – if you are prepared to spend quite some money on it, that is.

Touring with the Stones?

When the first Rolling Stones exhibition ever was put together, DHL got the honour of transporting the precious exhibit items – from rare guitars to iconic costumes and even some of the band members’ personal diaries – to various cities around the world, from London over Amsterdam to Chicago and New York. The exhibition features over 500 Rolling Stones artefacts from the personal archives of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood.

Parcel for the Pope!

Even the Vatican has a holy faith in DHL. On his way from the Vatican Post Office to the next customer on his route, one of our couriers spotted the typical red-yellow delivery van … in the Vatican Palace’s Belvedere Courtyard. Pope Francis’ items are in good hands!

How the pandas got to Pairi Daiza

Hao Hao and Xing Hui are without a doubt Pairi Daiza’s number one attraction. The Chinese government lent these two giant pandas to the zoo-slash-botanical garden, yet the animals obviously didn’t get there on their own. DHL was called on to transport the precious giants: a special Boeing flew the black-and-white cuties, their caretakers and their vet to Belgium. Also on board: about a hundred kilograms of bamboo … And the cherry on the cake (or the collaboration)? On June 2nd 2016, a baby panda named Tian Bao was born!

DHL: Official Fashion Weeks Logistics Partner

DHL Express even hits the catwalk. The Fashion Weeks are not only the fashion industry’s high point of the year; the shows in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo are also an enormous logistical challenge. So DHL is quite proud of its title of Official Logistics Partner of the Fashion Weeks! And what did you think of the yellow T-shirts with our logo that the Zurich-based fashion brand Vetements launched a couple of years ago? One thing is for sure: they sold like hot cakes.