Everything you need to know about our express delivery services

Everything you need to know about our express delivery services

It once used to be a rather strange acronym, but ‘ASAP’ now sounds as familiar as any other word. This familiarity obviously ties in with our obsession with speed, especially in a business context. And courier companies are more than happy to oblige. Yet in some cases, even ASAP does not suffice. Sometimes you want your express shipment delivered by a specific time. An express delivery service allows you to do just that.

Options for express deliveries

Though DHL Express delivers parcels and letters, we are not your average mail company. After all, we specialize in express deliveries. Whatever we do, we want to do it fast: it’s in our company DNA. So if you want your shipment to make it do its destination in no time, we are the go-to choice. There are several options for time-critical deliveries:

DHL Express 9:00 / 12:00

You want to ship a valuable document or object to London, Rio or Tokyo. And you want it to arrive there yesterday rather than tomorrow. If you opt for DHL Express 9:00, our couriers will do whatever it takes to deliver your parcel by 9 am on the next possible business day, so your business associates can get to work on it that same day. DHL Express 12:00 guarantees a delivery before noon on the next possible business day.

DHL Sameday Jetline / Sprintline

Still not fast enough for you? No worries, DHL Express has Sameday services in store for you as well. Take DHL Sameday Sprintline. A courier will pick up your parcel with his van or truck, and take it where it needs to be on the very same day. Even in the case of an international destination, we do our utmost to get your shipment to its destination the same day. With DHL Sameday Jetline, your express shipment simply boards the first possible DHL flight. Or even better: our courier holds on to your precious parcel and takes it aboard the first possible commercial flight!