DHL takes its social responsibility, both nationally and internationally

DHL social responsibility

DHL takes its social responsibility, both nationally and internationally

It goes without saying that DHL attaches a lot of importance to quality. But did you know that we also invest heavily in socially responsible entrepreneurship? We live up to our motto, “Living Responsibly”, by offering (logistical) support during humanitarian crises and improving educational opportunities for underprivileged children, but also by encouraging our employees to do their part for the community. Read on to find out why DHL and socially responsible entrepreneurship are such a good match.

Music For Life: DHL management for rent!


Music For Life
Music For Life 2018

Music For Life, Studio Brussels and the Flemish Red Cross’ annual fundraising activity, probably requires no introduction. Many companies put their best foot forward in December, trying to raise money for charities, and DHL is happy to chip in as well. What we’ve been up to these past years? We’ve been selling delicious homemade food (from hotdogs to desserts) and we even rent out our management to the highest bidder.


GoHelp, GoTeach

DHL thinks big with GoHelp and GoTeach. For the first project, we struck a partnership with the United Nations to deliver aid and humanitarian services whenever and wherever needed. More specifically, DHL voluntarily offers logistical support to the UN in the case of a crisis, but the humanitarian agency can also count on our extensive network and the help of our individual employees.

In addition, we developed our worldwide program GoTeach to improve the educational opportunities of young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and to help prepare them for their professional lives. To make this happen, we’ve teamed up with SOS Children’s Villages and Teach For All.

Encouraging volunteer work

Last but not least, DHL’s Global Volunteer Day – among many other initiatives – encourages our employees to volunteer. And volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes! Our people have been walking for Levensloop to support cancer research, they’ve been collecting money for the Marc Herremans Foundation as well as for Rolkar, a nonprofit ‘taxi’ that takes people with reduced mobility where they need to be. Our staff also lent a hand at the Special Olympics and regularly donates blood. Finally, there’s DHL’s Got Heart, a contest awarding the employee with ‘the biggest heart’ with an impressive sum to donate to a charity of his or her choice.

Did you know our GoGreen program also takes care of the environment?