DHL Express Belgium since 1978

DHL 1978 transport vehicles

1978, the year of blockbusters like Grease, of the first Garfield strip was published, of One Love Peace and hippies, but more importantly the birth of DHL Belgium. We’re finally there, tram 4. Ever since 1978, we are your most loyal partner in international business. We are the most international company in the world. We think that should be celebrated.

It was 1978

January 1st, an Air India boeing 747 on his way to Dubai crashes 2 minutes after its departure out of Bombay. The counter stops at 213 deadly victims. With this black and traumatic day, the world has to start its new year.

Luckily, positive things are about to happen. March 15th, Somalia and Ethiopia make peace after an 8 month war. June 19th, the first Garfield strip is published, June 22nd Pluto’s moon Charon is discovered, July 7th the Solomon Islands recognize independence, Grease the movie is published and DHL Belgium was born. This year we’re 40 years old, we can’t let that pass unnoticed.

DHL Express Easy

DHL wouldn’t have survived these 40 years without you, our customers. So we’d like to celebrate this unique event together. What makes you happier than a fast delivery? A fast delivery with a discount. All DHL Express Easy shipments from Belgium to all “Rest of World”-destinations (the whole world except Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico) up to 2kg will be charged at an amount of 78 euros. Oh happy days!


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