Spotted … The DHL cubicycle in Antwerp!

DHL Cubicycle

We announced the arrival of the DHL cubicycle a few months ago. And now … he’s finally here! Since the 7th of June our cubicycle can be found near ‘het Eilandje’ and there’s no need to tell you how proud we are.

A cubi-what?

The DHL cubicycle is an electric, four-wheel cargobike which has a container that can transport up to 125kg of goods. Off course he is locked at all times so that our customers’ packages are always kept safe.

Why a Cubicycle ?

Given the fact that our DHL service center is ideally located between the port and the city, the cubicycle can easily go into the center in order to deliver urgent shipments. Delivery after delivery, the container becomes ’empty’ and can then be ‘filled’ with urgent shipments addressed to the whole world, pickup after pickup.

Furthermore, the cubicycle offers several advantages:

  • No traffic jams so no waste of time,
  • More stops per hour compared to a van,
  • Less vans in the city,
  • Zero emissions (CO2 and pollutants). We see our ecological footprint reduced by 16 tons per year!
  • Keeps our couriers in shape! Of course, the bicycle is also provided with electric pedal support to help them reach 50 km’s a day.

DHL Express uses bicycles in more than 80 cities in 13 European countries, of which 14 cubicyles in seven cities.