Are you ready for Brexit?

DHL Express: your guide to Brexit

Brexit: what’s next?

Whether it will be a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit, we know that the upcoming changes between the UK and European Union will probably impact your business, and that this can be hard to prepare for. Have you analyzed your EU and non-EU shipping split to determine potential impact yet? Have you applied for an EORI number already? Never heard of these things? That’s where we come in.


Since the referendum in June 2016 we have been working closely with EU and UK legislators to help them understand the complexity and implications of the exit terms on businesses like yours. We’re also laser-focused on ensuring the sustained delivery of service levels for you, regardless of the outcome of negotiations. Here’s just a few of the things we are doing to ensure we’re ready for Brexit:

  • Enhancing our infrastructure and systems by considering product changes and any needed migration effort
  • Exploring increased bond capacity in the UK and EU
  • Assessing Customs Agent capability, both on and off shore
  • Providing more support on duty and VAT collections teams
  • Exploring transportation permits to support continued business

As the international specialists we are already in a strong position to support you through this transition and our expert taskforces in the UK and Europe have been working hard to minimize disruption to supply chains. Rest assured, we have contingency plans and are looking at all elements of our business – from aviation, customs flows and road transport to recruitment, pricing and finance – to guide you through any changes.

We’re your partner in trade and we look forward to continuing to support your export efforts and guide you through the unknown of Brexit.

More info? Contact our customer service or your account manager.